Confluent Appoints Ingram Micro as Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand Distributo

Confluent Appoints Ingram Micro as Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand Distributor, Helping More Enterprises Harness the Full Power of Event Streaming

Singapore – February 25, 2021 – Confluent, Inc., the event streaming platform pioneer, announced today that it has teamed with global technology provider Ingram Micro to deliver its market leading event streaming platform to more customers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

By harnessing the power of data in motion, event streaming enables companies to deliver the next generation of applications across a number of use cases including customer experience, fraud detection, supply chain optimization, patient monitoring, fleet management, IoT sensor Ingestion and Cyber security. Current Confluent customers in Singapore and across APAC include Bank Rakyat Indonesia, DBS Bank, Disney + Hotstar, and SGX (Singapore Exchange).

“Our agreement with Ingram Micro is an important milestone in supporting the increasing demand for event streaming platforms in Asia,“ said Damien Wong, Vice President of Confluent APAC. “Through this relationship more companies in Singapore – and further throughout Asia in the near future - will be able to harness the full power of data in motion at massive scale.”

Ingram Micro is the world’s largest technology distributor, with deep expertise in technology solutions, mobility, cloud, and supply chain solutions, enabling its business partners to operate efficiently and successfully in the markets they serve. Ingram Micro operates in 160 countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore, and across Southeast Asia.

“We’re excited to partner with Confluent so our customers can advance their digital transformation initiatives,” said Francis Choo, VP & CCE, ASEAN HK, Global Partner Engagement –APAC, Ingram Micro. “Ingram Micro will leverage our position as a market leader in value distribution with a vast infrastructure and go-to-market (GTM) expertise, to deliver a joint GTM strategy in Singapore and the rest of Asia, helping organizations solve fundamental problems and enacting true transformation via event streaming.” 

In addition to Singapore, the Confluent and Ingram Micro agreement also spans Hong Kong, Indonesia , Malaysia and Thailand  and will extend to other parts of Asia this year.

Confluent started operations in Asia Pacific in 2018 to meet the rapidly growing demand for event streaming in the region. Confluent has offices globally and in the Asia Pacific region, offices in Singapore, Australia, India, Hong Kong and South Korea.

The Rise of Event Streaming and Confluent

In the digital economy, data is always in motion, powering rich customer experiences and efficient, data-driven applications. If you’ve ever found a new favorite series on a streaming service thanks to the services recommendation or received a credit card fraud alert on your phone the moment the activity occurred, you’ve been a part of this shift. 

Customers have grown to expect these personalized real time experiences, which is why every company’s ability to adapt to this new reality is critical today. Yet, while the imperative for businesses to quickly adapt to this new paradigm has changed, most companies’ infrastructure has not. Companies are held back from delivering these experiences by the limitations of batch processing and legacy platforms - these companies have to get better, or they’ll get beat.

The solution is an architecture that supports data in motion - event streaming, a new category of computing that enables any business to stream, store, and process data in real time. This infrastructure is now a required part of the stack for modern applications, making the open source system Apache Kafka ubiquitous. However, building and scaling event-driven applications with Kafka can be challenging as event data often spans across on premises, multiple clouds, microservices, and more distributed environments. 

Confluent was created by the original founders of Apache Kafka, using their exceptional Kafka expertise, to ensure that any company can harness the power of event streaming at scale. Confluent launched the industry’s first event streaming platform built for the enterprise. In 2020, Confluent brought the core attributes of cloud computing to event streaming through Project Metamorphosis.

Now, it's easier than ever for companies to realize the full power of event streaming with Kafka - when it serves as a central nervous system for the entire organization. With event streaming acting as a central nervous system, all the data within an organization becomes instantly available to all applications and people in real time. As a result, new business can be uncovered, customer experiences exceeded, and new operational efficiencies realized.

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