Zero Trust

With digital transformation accelerating, users working remotely is a new normal for most organisation. While users are out of the corporate network, they are no longer maintained by the same kind of protection like if they are in the office.

Lack of security – users might get redirected to phishing sites and unknowingly have their credentials stolen

Unable to gain visibility – IS team is unable to gain visibility or control the kind of sites or application access by users. If users access some malicious sites when they are not governed by the corporate security solutions, they risk being infected and spread lateral attacks when they are back to office.

Over-alerting – When organisation have a large number of users, there tend to be a lot of alerts which some of these alerts are simply noise of false positive. IT personal may have challenges interpreting the correct information before taking the correct measures.

Organisation or the IS team will start to question – Are my users who they say they are? Are their devices secured? Are they accessing trusted sites? How do I know who and what to trust?

This is where we adopt Zero Trust, where we basically start by not trusting anyone & anything.

Ingram Micro provides you the solution to protect users and their devices through MFA solution, and the users’ traffic through the isolation method/workflow.

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